2000 Vale Road (former Doctors Medical Center)

The City of San Pablo is recommending to the City Council adoption of the EIR Addendum and approval of a General Plan and San Pablo Specific Plan amendment including redesignation to commercial mixed use.

*Doctors Medical Center General Plan/Specific Plan Amendments and Rezoning - EIR Addendum
*Notice of Public Hearing - Planning Commission Meeting 1/5/2016
*Planning Commission PowerPoint Presentation
*Notice of Public Hearing - City Council Meeting 1/12/2016
*Planning Commission Agendas

The full operation of the Doctors Medical Center (“DMC”) ceased on April 21, 2015 (Exhibit C) despite significant efforts by the City to provide operating funds to the West Contra Costa Health Care District through land purchases. The property is currently for sale and the West Contra Costa Healthcare District Board is entertaining purchase options. The City of San Pablo is proposing to amend the General Plan and the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan (“Specific Plan”) to change the land use designation for the approximately 12.5-acre parcel on which the DMC is located. The purpose of this action is to exercise the City’s land use authority to determine the best land use for this property. The modification of the land use designations and the CEQA analysis can help to facilitate future occupation of the existing building or the re-use of the site.


The current General Plan and Specific Plan designation for the site are Public/Institutional. This designation is consistent with uses such as hospitals, post offices, fire stations, and schools. The proposed Commercial Mixed-Use designation is similar to designations in the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan. The commercial mixed-use designation includes office, retail, institutional, and hotel uses with a typical height of two to three stories, with a maximum allowable height of 40 feet.

An Addendum to the 2011 San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan EIR (EIR) has been prepared pursuant to California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines section 15164 to meet the City’s obligation to comply with the CEQA prior to considering the proposed General Plan and Specific Plan amendments.


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